I wish there was magic in the way 
I move from town to town 
I’d cast a spell on your broken heart 
But I’m better left unfound 
I’m better left unfound 



jsyk, only 2.9% of the population in Canada is black, and yet black Canadians makes 80% of prisons and are mostly likely to get mistreated in them

tell me again racism doesn’t exist Canada. (: 


It is not your job, as a white person, to speak for minorities and what *you* think is best for them. People are not helpless victims, they can fight their own battles and decide what’s best for themselves, all you’re doing is being patronizing

"   When a critique of language that makes reference to disability is not welcome, it is nearly inevitable that, as a disabled person, I am not welcome either. I might be welcome as an activist, but not as a disabled activist. I might be welcome as an ally, but not as a disabled ally. I might be welcome as a parent, but not as a disabled parent.   "
Doing Social Justice: 10 Reasons to Give Up Ableist Language (via knowledgeequalsblackpower)


destroy media’s idea of asian girls being petite, pale-skinned waifs with bobbed hair and blunt bangs who are either the quiet fighter or a submissive giggly teen

destroy the fetishizing and infantilizing of asian girls




speak on it